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In a world full of specialists, an industry focused on vertical markets, the versatilist or "Jack of All Trades (Master of None)" has been overlooked as a resource.

The complexity of modern systems, the breadth of technologies that are available, the many interfaces that have to be navigated make system development, deployment, and support a challenging subject. Many times companies require a committee just to identify the potential holes or potential source of problems.  As JOTs, we've made our living filling in and around the cracks left by vertical specialists while flushing out the portions of the project that require the most help.

Tara-Lu can help you lower your risk and complete your project. No matter what part of the process you are in; whether concept, development, or deployment. We specialize in solving the problem presented without a vested interest in one specific technology or platform.  We'll find the right fit, based on current in-house knowledge, systems, budget, the problem, and available technical solutions within those parameters.

What we've accomplished for our clients:

  • cut 4 months from the delivery of a product through strategic refactoring and standardized coding practices
  • finalized, unit tested, corrected code to match standards, documented, refactored to triple speed, and integrated large sub-component.
  • Helped design, build, and then support a 24x7 system that supported millions of customers.
  • corrected invalid detail design, captured new business requirements, and brought system into alignment with user needs w/o slipping the schedule.
  • cut 3 man-months from a project through automation.
  • provided auto-generated, standardized documentation to a large project through automation.

What we've built for our clients:

  • GPS drift cleanup, auto processing, and decision support analytics for agriculture
  • Customized screening application using touch screens for pre-preschoolers
  • Military grade remote satellite communications systems management
  • National level cable modem management system and Tier III technical support
  • Data collected and transformed into Business Information and Decision Support software.
  • Secure community communication and CRM related support software
  • Military simulations.
  • Embedded O/S kernels
  • SaaS applications to support Field Sales.
  • Computer overlay merged with high end graphics for training simulation.
  • Integrated database to semi-automate the application of morphological information to Semitic language text.