Home Management Team

Jim Bennett

Jim Bennett first started working with computers while still in junior high, using paper tape and assembly code.  He spent 11 years in the Air Force working on embedded systems.  Once he got out he continued to work the embedded software field until he became more interested in internet technologies. In 1995, Jim started configuring network servers to support web hosting.  Through that knowledge he helped architect high end network servers to support RoadRunner Cablemodem Services. Since those days he's been developing websites using PHP and Symfony to support some non-profits.

He has recently completed a MA degree in Religious Studies.  Currently he is supporting a GIS based productivity analysis system. Eventually he is planning on pursuing a Phd.  His core interests at this point in time are Syriac language translation and supporting the tagging of ancient texts to allow for computerized search and comparison.  You can check out his latest efforts.